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Yangzhou INSIGHT Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Yangzhou INSIGHT Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, located in the center of Yangzhou city-----a famous city with a long history and culture background , is an engineering company mainly active in the field of polyester. Based on experience from decades of research, in the field of polyester, INSIGHT is the unique position to offer new technologies and know-how with its processes for the production of chips (PET PBT PTT PEN) or polymer melt.

INSIGHT is one of the oldest engineering companies in the polyester industry in China. It also has the reputation as the earliest high-technology enterprise in Yangzhou. INSIGHT

has 30 employees, among of them, 13% have their high-technology certificate and 60% have a mid-technology certificate, most of them have been specially engaged in research, design and development of polyester products for many years.

Deng YanAn, the General Manager and also the senior Engineer of INSIGHT, is well-known in China's polyester industry. In 1980, he presided over the construction of the first set of 4000t/a polyester device in China, which was a great success used for operation in Yangzhou Synthetic Chemical plant, which was then awarded a national "the third grade honor for science and technical progress. Since then this design has been continually popularized and used by other companies.

Yangzhou INSIGHT Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd,



INSIGHT accepted a contract for "modified Polyester Device Research" and "polyester equipment, technology, DCS control technology research", which are listed as national key point projects in "THE EIGHTH FIVE" period. Later, these two new technologies were used extensively in the Polyester Industry.


Cooperating with the Guangzhou Electronic Science Institute, INSIGHT developed a new material for "polyester powder coatings" and put them into production, in keeping with national 863 high & New Technology Development plan.


INSIGHT established the JIAMEI Macromolecular Material Plant, this has the flexibility in research and development for different PET products, which has been running well since October of the same year.


Contracting three hot melt adhesive production lines and two fine pulverization production lines of Shati (Shanghai) hot melt adhesive Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned Swiss enterprise, to transfer its original production base and famous brand in Germany to China for production, thus making it more competitive in the market.

Later, it provided the design of production equipment and the supply of main equipment for Tainan textile and Lili chemical fiber company, and also promoted the polyester enterprises in Taiwan to strengthen the research and development ability of products in order to win with "new".

Yangzhou INSIGHT

 INSIGHT has already develop to become a comprehensive enterprise, including research, manufacturer and trade. The company is not only expanding in the home market as an engineering-technical contractor, technic-software development etc, also actively working to develop an overseas market., having already undertaken many foreign polyester process project now.


Address: room 711, 7th floor, Weiheng building, 184 Wangyue Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City


General manager: Deng Nianchao 13805270899



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