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In the recent years, INSIGHT has put more effort into the research of new technology. The following areas have received more emphasis:

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product research and development

Applying polyester products not only in the Textile Industry, but to other industries as well; such as the polymer solid state polycondensation process, the co-polymer mixing refinement process for film, bottles, direct spinning process etc. At the same time, developing elastic polyester, such as PBT, PTT to meet the request of increased export after joining the WTO.

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Researching and developing new production Technology 

 Researching and developing new production Technology and organization and direction for small & medium scale semi-continuous process factories, due to the fact that these factories have a high percentage of the production ability in the home market, so that the small & medium scale factories produce the same or similar quality and consumption level as the big scale continuous process factories; while at the same time, developing the semi-continuous process, combined with the direct spinning of Filament. This research has had major success. Under our construction, semi-continuous polyester chip produced by our contract plant have got the same consumption figures and the same quality of spinning as the continuous process polyester enterprise.

 Yangzhou INSIGHT


INSIGHT has been cooperating with many universities and institutes

INSIGHT has been cooperating with many universities and institutes, such as China Textile Research Institute, East-China University(China Textile University), Shanghai Jiaotong University and Yizheng Joint corporation of chemical fibre industry to spread its reputation.


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